Selecting the Right Sod for Your Yard

by Eileen Hamel 10/06/2019

Putting in a new lawn can significantly upgrade your home and increase your ability to enjoy your yard. Before you purchase new sod, it is essential to understand the different types of grass available to you, the climate you live in, how you use your lawn as well as the sun and shade levels in your yard. 

You might be tempted to plant a specific grass because you like the way it feels or looks, or you heard that it's a trendy variety. Don't make the mistake of planting before you investigate the needs of your particular lawn. Sod is expensive and takes a lot of effort to install and maintain while it establishes roots in your yard. Avoid disappointment by taking the time to educate yourself, so you don't come home to a brown and dying lawn shortly after installation.

To get started first learn about the different climate and growth zones when it comes to grass. Knowing your zone helps you get a cursory understanding of your yard to begin narrowing down your grass variety options. 

Understanding your climate.

There are three main zones pertaining to grass climates. Read below to understand what zone you live in and point yourself in the right direction of grass selection.

  • Northern — The northern zone encompasses Canada and the northern United States. In these areas, winters tend to be very cold with lots of precipitation and snow. Summers are on the mild side, not getting too hot. In this region, cool-season grasses are ideal for the best growth.
  • Southern — Southern climate zones are identified as areas with hot, to very hot, summers and more moderate winters. Warm-season grasses thrive in southern climates and are the best choice if you live in the south. 
  • Transition — Many homes will fall into the transition zone. Transition regions have both cold winters and hot summers. With a mixed climate maintaining a lawn in a transition zone can present difficulties. For best results select a mixture of grasses or find a particular variety that has a high tolerance for both warm and cool climates. 

If you've read about different climate areas and are still uncertain which zone in which your home is, head on over to your local lawn and garden center and speak with a professional. When it comes to maintaining grasses and plants, it is always worthwhile to ask for help so you can select the best sod options for your home.

Once you know what zone you live in you can start learning about the types of cool and warm-season grasses. Continue to part two of this article to find out more about grass varieties.

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